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The Matt J Hanham Show

Feb 22, 2024

Is AI coming for your job? And what should you do about it?

If you think it’s not going to happen to my job, I’m not at risk, you might just be the most vulnerable.

One message I’m seeing a bit is an ad from Jack Delosa from the Entourage, who said “If you’re a business owner, AI is not going to take your...

Feb 14, 2024

Writing a book.

In my experience, so many people say they could if they wanted to, or should write one when you talk to them at a BBQ. But should you do it? 

My thinking is, if you're talking about it, you should find a way to start doing it. Or stop lying to yourself that you will one day.

The truth is for most of us,...

Feb 7, 2024

I start this inside out episode with a clip from the On Purpose Podcast with Jay Shetty interviewing Adam Grant which spoke to me when I saw it on Instagram this week.

Adam said “So many people limit themselves by saying I dont want to self-promote.” I think that creating content or art even isn’t for everyone,...

Jan 30, 2024

In this Inside Out episode I unpack an excerpt from a conversation Price Pritchett had with Lewis Howes on the School of Greatness Podcast. It struck a chord with me, especially around planning for our big dreams, our excuses for not taking action and what to do to avoid the over-populated graveyard "The Planning Place"...

Jan 22, 2024

“Our enemy is not lack of preparation; it’s not the difficulty of the project, or the state of the marketplace or the emptiness of our bank account. The Enemy is resistance." 

In this Inside Out episode I talk through the topic of resistance, elegantly outlined in Steven Pressfield's powerful, motivational and brief...